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The 6th title :)

I'm writing this text while I wait in the backstage for the first runner-up.  It's a "dead" time, so I decided to mak...

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Fitness Universe as a mom

So here we are prepared for a beatiful family journey and a new professional challenge for myself. After I have won in 201...

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Whole mouth health matters

More than 170 million people around the world are members of a fitness club, and Colgate research shows that the focus...

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Something magic happens at the gym when Anca appears, at 7 a.m. in the morning, with an amazing smile on her face and with the same optimistic vibe she has already made us addictive to. She conquered me from the very first moment with the radiant joy and I admire her more and more for being so ambitious an...

Georgiana Pandioniu - WorldClass attendant

Anca has been a real inspiration from the first moment i saw her at her classes, looking that gourgeous. I told myself that whomever was capable of such fine looks, would definately know what she was doing. That was the very first aspect that gained my trust. After I took part at her classes, I, along with...

Claudia Goga - Dream Team

They say you can find great people all over the world, and is true, but I know I won't find a person like Anca again in this life! Her energy is unique! She gives herself in every class, she gives a part of herself to each of us, she takes our sadness and she gives us her beautiful smile, her enthusiasm an...

Remina Sabau - Dream Team

Beside her outstanding worked out body, and her beatiful face, you will have the chance to meet an amazing woman.

Andreea Marin - Tv Producer & Host