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Baby D&A It’s a...! 2nd Trimester


No more nausea, more energy!

This is how I started the second trimester of pregnancy. My tummy started to grow from week to week. I've gained 4 kg, so far. I weighed today, on May 5th. I'm currently in week 23.

I also bought a scale. I have not had this in the house for a long time, but this moment of life has made me return to my "best friend" from 15-20 years ago when I was in the gym lot.

The pictures are done in the weekend, in the morning, on the empty stomach. I also measure myself in the same way. The pictures are made with the phone, the color difference is coming from the natural light. :)


Surprise! Surprise!

I like to talk from my own experience, not just from books, so I'm working on a program for pregnant women and another program for getting back in shape after pregnancy. Sounds good, right?

I record everything I consume and in 2 weeks I will be filming the first series of videos/exercises for future moms.

I want to have a healthy pregnancy, to enjoy these moments, to take care of us in a balanced way, and I want to share this with as many mothers as possible.

Workout programs on the way

IT’s a BOY!

We are expecting a boy!

I wanted to share this news with everyone, as soon as I knew we were both good and that the pregnancy was more advanced and healthy.

I announced Dragos the gender with a homemade cake (he loves sweets). It was a special moment for us. We are happy and anxious to welcome to the world our little baby (we haven't found a name, yet) :).
Mom & Dad

Our love, that's how I like to caress him or "our little one", let me carry on all the activities I already had in my plan. 

He was also awarded, almost two months ago, at the Woman of the Year 2017 Avantaje Gala, for a healthy lifestyle.
Gala Avantaje 2017

We also had some video recordings for different projects, we went to classes every day, and the following weekends are marked with different events or conventions. So we do a good team and I am thankful for that.
Recording future projects

As soon as nausea went away, I return to my healthy habits. Around the fourth month, I felt like I was myself again. I had no more cravings, but on the contrary, I feel the need to eat fresh, green and in smaller quantities as usual. If before I was craving for carbohydrates of all sorts, now I want salads, fruits, lean meats, eggs, etc.

I often post on instastory (Instagram), on ancabucur.missfitness, my meals, and activities in real time. So, if you are curious you can follow me there if you do not do this already.

As I have already written and said, 2-300 extra calories in our diet as future mums, must be brought from quality products so that the baby grows healthy.

Meal Example

You've been asking me where I'm going to deliver the baby, with whom and how, so I'll focus all the answers in this post.

I choose Regina Maria, for the simple fact that this is the hospital/clinic in which I made my first gynecological check, when I moved to Bucharest. I feel good here and it is close to my house (Baneasa Hospital).  

The doctor who oversees me is called Carmen Constantinescu.

Although I have had all kinds of recommendations from other mothers, Mrs. Carmen is the one with whom I made my first control after the pregnancy test came out positive, and because I felt good energy, I stayed at her.

That's how I am, I go on positive feelings/energies.

I completed the birth contract two months ago and I opted for a natural birth and a stem cell package.

My back hernia is upsetting me sometimes, and now I can not take any calming pills or do rebuilding therapy  (except the massage) so I have to adapt everything I do to how I feel. My health and my baby come first.
Fortunately, there are fewer days when I do not feel good, than those in which I feel great.

Morphological ultrasound of the 2nd trimester was a beautiful experience I had with my husband. It's amazing how today's technology allows us to see the baby's movements in real time. Those feelings are hard to describe in words.

Delivery Options


I'm now in 6 months, the baby is more developed with a week, but perfectly healthy.

I started to take a few things for him and various accessories, such as: videophone, 2in1 cushion, thermometer, changing mat, pregnancy cushion (this is for me and it is excellent), folding crib and some small accessories.

I shopped them from Bebe Brands. We found there a wide variety of products and a few discounts, so I preferred to do some shopping online. Purchases have arrived home within two days of ordering.

Dragos took care of the trolley, and we will probably buy the furniture on the way. Of course, there are so much more to be done, but I said we will do it gradually, although the complete list exists from a few months ago :)


Next week I have a set of exercises for future moms and I'm really happy to be able to inspire even more women.

It is very important to stay active during pregnancy, but even more important to do the exercises adapted and fit for this period :)


I enjoy this period and I know it will go very fast. I can not wait to meet our little boy, but by then we are going to prepare and take care of ourselves, to be healthy and strong.

Live active and healthy!
Mommies, how is/was your experience of this blessed period?


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