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The 6th title :)


I'm writing this text while I wait in the backstage for the first runner-up.  It's a "dead" time, so I decided to make it productive :D Dragoș just wrote me that Rareș is finally asleep. He was active all day, and he saw mommy competing to both rounds.

Al 6-lea titlu

But let's start from the beginning...
Miami. 22nd June 2019
What a day! Rareș was awake all night long, he cried and was falling asleep very hard. Honestly I wasn't even focused on the competition anymore, we were all so tired and exhausted that I only focused on getting him to relax and fall asleep.

The show was a little different than in other years. I mean there were other competing hours and other category order.

I competed at 2pm (local hour), on the bathing suit round.

At 4pm I breastfeed Rareș and on 6pm was the second round with the Fitness exercise.

In the between break I was dividing myself between my two worlds: backstage: sculpted bodies and athletes ready for the competition and the audience: family and close friends. I was deconected from the competition and relaxing every time I was holding Rareș in my arms, when I was changing him or feeding him. Then I was returning back to the nerve wreaking competition area.
Mom and con time
Then I competed again in the second part of the day, at 8pm and my body felt this. I was tired, yawning all the time; after 6pm I was feeling a little weak. My stomach was so small and I had huge emotions.
After the curtains, I was seeing Rareș, which was on the left side of the scene, in the first row. I could not believe I was there again, competing, ready to go on scene. I could not believe the way Rareș was looking at me. He was waiting patiently in the arms of a friend and Dragoș was ready to get everything on tape while I was entering the stage. My body was shaking and I almost had tears in my eyes. Everything was different then the previous years. The mother feeling was mixed with the pro athlete ready to conquer the supreme title.
I told myself:
"- Hey! You worked a lot to be here. You are here to prove yourself that you can do anything, to be a role model for discipline and ambition for Rareș"
Family win
And then they called my name. I walked on the stage. The music started. I started to live the moment. But everything was so real. I was hearing the people cheering me up, the strong lights were reflecting on my face. My body was shaking. But it was good! 95%. The fact I was in the theater the all day, and I was competing so late, plus the mother nerves, the competition nerves; all of these were making my heart race. I could not believe that I did it again. Of course, I trusted in myself and the process. But this time was different.
Update: “The winner is Anca Bucur from Romania” wow. I could not believe it! I was confident that I had the complete package, but I was also thinking whether will they or would they not give me the 6th title?

This trophy is for Rareș, for my mother that loves Queen (the exercise theme) and for myself. Anca Bucur, the mother.

I have to bring some thanks for all my hard supporters. I will start obviously with my family, who always had my back. My mother, my father, my sister and my brother. My two loves: Dragoș și Rareș, my strongest supporters.
Then I want to say thanks to my nutritional sponsor Herbalife, for the top nutrition and for the lovely team that supports me and cheers me up in all my sportive activities. I charge my batteries with your energy! I thank you dearly for all your support!
Herbalife nutrition
Bogdan Boanta și Cocuta (from Cobodance),  for their time and their wonderful ideas. The Fitness Exercise was a success also because of their contribution.
Bianca Bădoi, for the Fitness suit (Bohemian Rhapsody). Thank you for making my ideas come to live and taking it to the next level :)

Triptailor, the agency that always takes care for my trips to America.
I had some moments when I cried, of emotions, of tiredness, of pain, but the training was a success. I felt that the "inspiration and motivation" for me, is me. I proved myself that:
You can do whatever you set your mind to.

You create your own balance.
The happiness comes from all the moments that we live given 100%. Weakness makes you powerful and love will give you wings to fly further :)

So, this is how I am adding title no. 6. Even though I come here with the thought of seizing the moment and just be a good example for my son. Family comes first to me, that's why I wanted them close to me. I am so happy I was able to find my balance and take care for what's important for me :)

Next, is holiday. In Miami and then Chicago. I can't wait! Family and loading batteries :)

I thank you for all your supportive messages. I received so many. I did not have enough time to reply to all of them, but I have read them. Thank you!
Trust yourself!
Live active and healthy :) 
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