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Whole mouth health matters

More than 170 million people around the world are members of a fitness club, and Colgate research shows that the focus on health is divided among: fitness and body (53%), diet (41%), weight and mental health (32%). It is clear that oral health has been left behind. Unfortunately, we find the most chronic diseases here, and paradontal disease is the 6th most chronic disease in the world.
Most of the oral health problems can be prevented. Starting at home, with a daily ritual for oral cavity cleaning. 2 minutes, of proper brushing, in the morning and evening, for the health of the entire mouth (teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks inside), bacterial destruction and prevention of unpleasant breathing.

What does a healthy body means to you?

When we think about our health, we think about healthy eating and working out.
But just as we take care of our body, we should also take care of our oral hygiene.

Two weeks ago, I was invited to London to attend the launch of the newest Colgate Total toothpaste.
Healthy Smile!
I have always took care of my health, but also of my smile. I have to admit that, even when I was small, I used Colgate toothpaste in all forms and formulas found on the market back then. That's why I was both keen and curious at the same time to test the new Colgate Total formula and to have access to some experiments made on this new recipe.
New formula!
Dr. Patricia Verduin, Chief Technology Officer, Colgate - Palmolive Company hold a speach at the release event and she told us the following:
“Overall wellness is important to everyone, and total self-care means caring for the whole mouth, too.
The New Colgate total formula, fights bacteria not just on teeth, but also on tongue, cheeks and gums for 12 hours, for whole mouth health.”
For me it was really a pleasant experience. I am happy to have found that behind this formula of toothpaste, there are many years of research and formulations that have been tested.
Now, there are more than 2 weeks since I use my new toothpaste and I'm very pleased. I have a feeling of freshness in my mouth for a prolonged time. I am happy I can properly take care of my mouth, because the smile is very important to me. Just like the whole body health.

As I promised you, I will share with you one of the experiments done at the event.
Live healthy and active,
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