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My Story

1987 - I was born on 20 July 1987 in Targu Mures.
I am an ambitious Cancer, stubborn and sensitive. My parents Anna and Gregory and my brothers: Marius and Laura, are my best friends.
I grew up in a courtyard
, in the village Nazna with my family until the age of 7 years. I had a beautiful childhood, playing football with the boys. I swam in Mures, I was taking care of animals, I "roost" in the walnut tree in our yard every day. I was a happy child.
1990 - At age 3 my mother asked me if I want to become somebody, to climb on stage (because she saw my desire to stand up) and I answered I DO full of enthuziasm. Then it began my journey toward performance. I started ballet classes in my hometown and I had to commute daily because I lived a few kilometers away from the city.
1995 - At age 8 I went on the famous gymnastics school in Deva. The years spend there were a real life changing experience. Besides all the results obtained and the medals, for me 'Deva' meant the place where I formed my character and visualized my dreams. It had a military program:  we woke up every day at 6am, then we made our beds, we put our cupboard keys to our neck lanyard and head over cafeteria. We ate and then we train for 2 hours, then we went to school until 14:00 or 15:00, then head to lunch and afterwards we went back to training from 16:00 until 18:30 (max). After the training was done we had a tutoring hour for doing homework and then we went to our rooms.
It had not been easy and we met moments in which we wanted to give up, but we managed to overcome them.
2004 - I was part of the national junior team from Constanta and won the bronze medal trio category and 4th in the World Championships (Sofia).
2005 - I was part of the senior National Team in Bucharest.
2006 - I retired from the world of gymnastics after an injury (ligament tear in the right shoulder). That was when I wanted a change, because I wanted to have a job, an income and a life that will not be subject to a very strict schedule.
2008 - I moved to Cluj-Napoca where I started working as aerobic instructor at World Class and studied at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.
2010 - I attended my first fitness competition in Miami where I was ranked 5th in the world. Then I proved to myself and to others that I can still do performance and that I can mix very well my job with my passion for the stage.
Also in 2010, I made my luggage and I moved to Bucharest, this time to continue as coach of Aerobic World Class centers from the capital.
2011 - I won Miss Fitness Universe.
2012 - World Class customers chose me the Instructor year (one vote/customer).
2012 - Fitness America designates me a professional athlete and ranks me in a professionals category formed only from former champions.
2012 - W by World Class and Oxygen covers.

2012 - Dragos proposed me to be his wife (inMiami) smile.
2013 - I did not let a knee injury kept me away from the scene and managed to surpass the incident again and win the title of Miss Fitness Universe (2nd title)

2013 - I became Dragos's wife smile.
2014 - I signed a cooperation
/ image agreement with Herbalife.
2015 - I won Miss Fitness America (mondial championship) - Las Vegas.
2015 - Cosmopolitan and Slab sau Gras covers. 
2016 - 4rd Miss Fitness Universe title - Pro Division - Miami.
2016 - Shape and Oxygen (Romania) covers. 
2017 - 5th Miss Fitness Universe title - Pro Division - Miami.

Now I do what represents me. The program is very busy but I know how hard it was to get here. So I always try to have positive energy in order to be able to finish all my projects.
I created this page for you in the desire to share my experience and show you that good things come to those who work hard and want it with all their heart.