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Train with me

Train with me

If you reached this section then it means you have an idea about who I am and what I do.
Sport defines me and I do not say this only because I started to practice sport since age 3, or because I am currently aerobics instructor and fitness world champion, or because I graduated a Sport University.

I started fitness competitions and I always have the desire to improve my knowledge in nutrition, I test my limits, and I want to be an example for those who want a such results, in the natural and healthy way.

You probably expect me to say that I am my "best result" smile but I will not. Transforming my husband was applauded by a lot of people, but he was the most excited for his success. I directed, I prepared the workout and nutrition, I encouraged him.
But most importantly, he wasloaded with patience. For the results do not come overnight and in any case not if you cheat...

Therefore we designed the program of transformation: Body Challenge in 90 days.

If you want a change, to lose weight, to gain weight, to define your body, or simply to feel happy and healthy: Here I am! smile

I can help you! Even if you're away!

I tell you from now that there are no "miracle" diets or workouts .
But I guarantee that if you follow my advice and you will not deviate from your schedule that I'll make a miracle happen. smile

If you are interested to work together write me on about yourself and the goals you have, and I will respond as soon as I read the mail.

I'll tell you right now:
If you will not be involved 100%, I'll work with you!
You must commit, and I'll guide you how I know better.

Only together we will succeed: