Build new positive habits daily in order to get closer to the life you want to live.
Together with my team I will help you change your mentality, the way you look at yourself and provide you with all the tools that you need in order to get your body in the best possible shape.

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We are all different and we have an unique starting point in achieving our goals. The programs that my team and I have put together are custom and vary depending on your overall health, fitness level and personal objectives.
My experience of 20 years in fitness, coaching and top international competitions derives from pure passion and is an accurate reflection of my day-to-day life. Now I can finally share with you all that I have learnt and experienced.
We are here to help you initiate and maintain new healthy habbits even after the completion of the AB programs. Basically, we will be transforming your life due to an increased level of self-confidence that will mark every aspect of your life.
My goal is to use the AB Programs in order to demonstrate that wellness is an active process of awareness in regards to the choices you make, thus helping you reach that ideal body-mind-soul balance.
"Beyond her perfectly shaped body and her bright figure, you will meet an unique kind of woman". Anca looks great, is a true perfectionst with great achievements but at the same time a rare combination of modesty and common sense. I chose her because of her energy and life thirst that burst out of her and the steadyness of her private life. All of this made me see her as a true role model. I do like discipline so in trainings we match just fine. Besides that, Anca is open and very pleasant to be around with. I wish you the best of luck my dear!"
Andreea Marin
TV Producer and Host
"The three months of my collaboration with Anca laid the foundation of a physical and mental balance for the long run, a balance that I was seeking for a very long time. The customized nutrition and workout program she built for me have been what I had needed in order to improve my body shape and follow a healthy new routine. But I think the most important part of my transformation resulted from Anca's huge energy, presence and the constant support that she offers. All of this has motivated me and made this challenge a lifestyle for me. I have kept the healthy habbits and I go to Anca's classed for enrgy boosts."
Raluca Monac
Head of Brand Marketing Fashion Days
The chemistry, the love, the passion, the devotion. One way to describe Anca Bucur. A true Champion! These are the arguments for choosing the "90 days Body Challenge" program. A customised lifestyle plan that taught me how to live in a healthy and more active way. The big bonus I believe, was the fact that I got to participate in Anca's cycling and fitness classes that she teaches at Stejarii Country Club. Not only that but I also ran besides her at the Adidas Runners Bucharest marathon. Thank you, Anca! Respect!❤️
Daniela Movila
Legal Counselor
I have had the pleasure of knowing Anca for many years. When I first saw her electrifying the stage, I knew I had to meet her. She traveled alone to her first show but she left with many friends including me. We all fell in love with her. Our collaboration has been magical. Her masterful choreography was something I deeply respected and her talent was the best I have ever seen in my thirty five years as a fitness coach. Perhaps the most special thing about Anca is her warm and generous heart. She cares so deeply for others which is why she is a phenomenal coach and trainer. She is legend as an athlete and as a friend.
Cathy Savage (Boston - USA)
Fitness Coach and Pioneer
My relationship with fitness started at an early age and has remained constant throughout my life. The programs that I have created along the years have been successfully implemented by athletes, sport lovers or pregnant women. I am now ready to help you to achieve your goals.
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